Boomer Advice Is Terrible

Baby boomers are terrible at giving life advice or any advising at all. The typical boomer raised their children (millennials) on the premise of: Go to college, get a degree so you can get a good job. Buy a house and get married. Oh, and video games are bad! They were off the mark by a country mile. College tuition has risen 213% since 1988. Much like the homes they purchased 30 years ago, prices were affordable in comparison to the average family income at the time. Back in the boomer’s prime, a college degree meant something. Employers noticed when you had a college degree and it helped you in the workplace. You had some leverage. In the boomers eyes, nothing has changed. Yet we know reality.. Nobody cares about your college degree. Everyone has a degree. You can go online and get a masters degree. There is no quality post high school education besides 6+ year programs such as healthcare or law. Nowadays we have teenagers making millions of dollars playing video games. The exact thing the boomers didn’t want to see you doing because it didn’t fall into the boomer bubble of “success”. Boomers have been consulting millennials for 20-30 years now about how to grow into an adult, but technology has advanced so quickly with the internet that everything the boomer knows is flat out wrong and backwards in today’s world. The boomer does not adapt, the boomer just waits to go extinct. Do NOT listen to baby boomer advice, they don’t have a clue! Get out in the current world and do stuff instead.


  1. Elderly advice can be important for certain situations because they’ve lived through it, what they lack in todays issues they make up for general life advice. One day we’re going to be experienced elders and I hope the future generation will be kinder than this one.

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  2. They lived through it, sure. But the last 30 years in particular have seen such a dramatic change in technology, what they lived through isn’t relevant anymore. The technology has changed so much it changed us socially as well.


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