Boomers Killed Marriage

Boomers love getting married. They love it so much, they do it three or four times! No longer is getting married about “love”. Love is a made up term invented by baby boomers to trick you into making the same mistakes they have. Marriage is now an economic decision, not an emotional one. Millennials get married today because they are convinced combining incomes is the only way to actually afford a house (a sound argument in my opinion), or, they naively believe they are “in love”. By late 1983 every state besides South Dakota and New York adopted no-fault divorce. What does this mean? The day you sign the marriage paperwork with the state, declaring your “love”, which is, remember, “till death do us part” at any point thereafter, either party in the relationship can choose to end it. For any reason. This was all done before millennials were even born. This doubled the divorce rate. Doubled the amount of alimony paid. Doubled the amount of child support. Notice anything? Women win at marriage. There is no such thing as “love” in marriage. It’s really a house of cards that men must construct when going down the boomer path of no-fault divorce marriage. Baby boomers killed modern day marriage. “Till death do us part” has turned into “Till I’m bored and want residual income”.

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