Broke Millennials Taking “Vacation”

We millennials like to cry about not being able to buy a house, buy a new car, have a relationship or a savings account. Yet I come across it time and time again. Millennials want to go on vacation. The modern millennial doesn’t think about next year, he thinks about next week. When a millennial goes to college, he doesn’t think about getting good job, he thinks about getting good pussy. It’s becoming a real problem. Millennials are old children. Broke people don’t go on vacations.. Why? Because they’re broke! Yet, a millennial will “save up” money for months, just to blow it all on an epic weekend or week. And then go on to complain how housing prices are too high, wages are too low. I too, am guilty of this. It’s easy to rationalize taking a “vacation” when you’re a broke millennial. Everyone needs a break, right? Hell, maybe I’ll finally get some ass on my vacation. I’ll never be able to buy a house anyways! A smart, broke millennial should have the foresight to realize that taking vacations is one of the big reasons why he will never buy that house, buy that car, or ever get a single dollar into that savings account.

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