Left Wing Boomers

I don’t understand left wing boomers. I thought only millennials voted Democrat because they’re still too young to understand that nothing is free. They haven’t payed enough taxes over the years for it to register in the millennial brain. The average millennial doesn’t even consider themselves to be an adult until the age of 30. And it’s probably more like the age of 40 for most. But there’s a substantial amount of boomers that lean Democrat (48% of voting boomers) and I don’t understand it. How can you have paid that much in taxes over the years and still want more? How can you want even more restrictions on guns? How can you actually want open borders and amnesty for all? Maybe it’s because they haven’t experienced the ‘08 recession like the millennials have. Boomers were able to buy homes and get married long before social media & no-fault divorce ruined everything. Most boomers had their mortgages paid off and could weather the housing crisis. The millennial’s wages have remained considerably low while the cost of the almighty college tuition has tripled. Then, the degree that the boomer told you to go get, gets you nothing but debt. Millennials can’t afford taxes, let alone pay back student loans. I am predicting millennials will start heavily voting republican once they start buying their own homes. But who knows when that will be. Or if it ever will be. I guess I don’t understand why anyone votes democrat. But at least for millennials, I can soundly argue ignorance until home ownership. Then again, upper middle class boomers are likely to be just as clueless.




Voting Preferences

Boomer Home Ownership

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