Social Media Kills The Millennial & The Boomer

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The boomers have taken Facebook and the millennials have taken Instagram. It’s been quite the ride as a millennial to watch social media corrupt every person in existence. Americans in general spend an average of 4.7 hours everyday on their phones according to a study in 2015. And that’s 5 years ago.. When I go out to eat or out for happy hour all I see is people on their phones. Everyone is on their phones. Boomers, millennials, Gen Xers (I will discuss gen Xers eventually) EVERYONE on their phones! And what are we doing? We’re all on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tinder, and on and on.. It’s insane. I recently deleted my Facebook account. I remember when Facebook was only for college students, and it was like a secret little society that everyone wanted in. Then eventually anyone could get a Facebook account, so naturally, we all made Facebook accounts and dumped MySpace. At the beginning it wasn’t bad. You could go on Facebook and find single girls! It was awesome. Full of high schoolers and college kids. There were no adults on Facebook. Today.. it’s different. The social media monster has consumed not only the millennials, everyone has an account. Your mom, your grandma, your uncle, your dad, your 4th cousins sister. And the worst part about social media is that it doesn’t do what it supposed to. Social media was supposed to get us closer together as people. Keep up with friends & family, find new friends, etc. Right? But now, instead of meeting up for dinner with your family. Instead of calling and talking with your mom. Instead of asking questions and having a real conversation in real life. Instead of connecting with another human being. It’s turned into an emoji. A “like”. A “retweet”. Pixels on a screen. Is that really “social” media. Is it really social when I click the little thumbs up on your photo? Did we really connect there? I can only hope social media is an extended fad. But I fear it’s too late for most.



  1. Lets not forget about all of the dog moms and instagram ass models that have been born out of social media. What was suppose to not only bring us together and pave the way for the information age, has ironically driven a permanent wedge into human relations and left in its wake are nothing but empty husks that will die in lonliness and despair.

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