Patrick Mahomes Is The Best QB In Entire Generation

The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Fransisco 49ers will play in super bowl 54, giving us the opportunity to watch the most talented football player in the entire millennial class, Patrick Mahomes. Born in 1995, he barely makes the cutoff for millennial status (Millennials are born from 1981-1996). Mahomes is by far the most talented and gifted NFL quarterback I’ve ever seen. Millennials have been able to watch some great QB’s so far in their lifetime, like Russel Wilson, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Mike Vick. Of course there are plenty more but nothing compares to this kid, Patrick Mahomes. Out of any quarterback I can remember, I’ve never seen anyone be able to do what Patrick Mahomes can do. Mahomes is like Aaron Rodgers combined with Mike Vick, with a little Tom Brady sprinkled on top. I’ve never seen anyone able to throw a football as far as Mahomes, and Micheal Vick could huck a football. This guy, Mahomes, is hands down the most talented football player in the entire millennial class. Not just because he can throw the ball far, but he does so in such effortless fashion. And it’s on target. Every time. If Mahomes can continue to improve, to the likes of which I believe Russel Wilson improves every year. I can strongly say this won’t be the last super bowl we see Mahomes play in. If he stays smart and healthy, Mahomes will be the millennial’s Tom Brady. Mahomes will pave the way as the new GOAT. He will win more championships than Tom Brady. Mahomes is without a doubt, the millennial’s golden boy.

My Super Bowl prediction:

Even with how great Mahomes is, I can’t deny that the 49ers have an incredible team. They’ve been clean all year. Crushing opponents. Their defense is top notch, their offense is just as good and they can run the ball to perfection. However, I wouldn’t bet against the future GOAT. Currently, the Chiefs are favorites to win and the lines are CHIEFS -1.5. I’ll take those odds. I predict the KC Chiefs will soundly defeat the SF 49ers 38-24. And it wouldn’t surprise me to see Mahomes in the Super Bowl again next year.

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