Impeachment And Boomers

Boomers love getting impeached. They also love impeaching. Two out of the three total impeachments in our country’s history have been by boomers, for boomers. Obviously the current impeachment for Trump is nothing compared to the actual impeachment of Bill Clinton but that’s an article for another time. I want to talk about how our generations (millennials, Gen X, boomers) have the shared experience of living through two impeachments. Something that no other generation neighbors have ever experienced. Still to this day, no president has ever been removed from office after being impeached. And it will likely remain that way. Donald Trump will become the first President to ever be impeached and then re-elected. I do believe boomers have done a terrible job at being president, and an even worse job at being senators and house members. Essentially what the boomers have brought us is the following: Impeachment (Clinton), War (Bush), more war & nationalized health care (Obama), Impeachment (Trump). Our last 4 presidents are boomers and two of them have been impeached. That’s 2 impeachments in 20 years. That’s less than 10% of the country’s history and 66% of total impeachments. I’m not going to put the blame solely on the Presidents. Bill Clinton was completely at fault for catching blowies in the Oval Office from an intern, but the House of Representatives is at fault for falsely impeaching Donald Trump and wasting everyone’s time. Trump will likely have an additional 4 years to try to get something meaningful done, but in this case, we have a boomer infested congress that doesn’t want to work. The point I’m trying to make is that Baby Boomers are shit at politics, and the millennials are going to be left to clean up the mess.

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