Vaping Millennials

Baby boomers & Gen X’ers seem to be just fine with killing themselves the old fashioned way, smoking Marlboros. Millennials however, want to kill themselves in a much cooler way. Vaping! How did this even become a thing? Everyday I see tons of millennials “vaping”. Like it’s some sort of healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes. Many millennials will even have vape competitions where they see who can make the biggest vape cloud. It’s become a cool thing to inhale something (who knows what’s in there, really) and make a super huge bangin’ vapor smoke cloud. Nobody knows what’s in this vape stuff. It’s been like 10 years since vaping became a thing and nobody even knows what they’re inhaling, but they’re dead set convinced that it does no harm to your body. That’s not even talking about the devices themselves. These things blow up randomly it seems, even when not in use. Or worse, while you’re using it, and then it explodes and kills you. All of this has happened. I don’t know what’s worse, second hand cigarette smoke, or fluffy cotton candy vape smoke? Who really knows. We’re only now seeing deaths and studies done and governments involved. It will be interesting to see if vaping will stay “cool” in the years to come and see if it will be able to stand the test of time like the trusty cigarette has. Me? I’m just going to stick to smoking weed. Which is still at 0 deaths. Unlike the boomer’s cigarettes and the millennial’s vape.


California tests find illegal vapes tainted with additives

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