Buy Shares of Coronavirus?

Is it time to buy? The Coronavirus (COVID-19) just topped 2,000 total deaths and has been the top story for a few weeks now. The death toll keeps climbing. I have yet to see a day where the total number of cases has gone lower. Keep in mind the shady practices of China underreporting cases. Obviously, you cannot buy shares in this for it is only a graph tracking the Coronavirus, but that chart is looking good if it were. China has millions of people on lockdown and I’ve seen tons of videos of people being dragged off and thrown into quarantines. While China and other countries have been having to deal with this seemingly unstoppable virus, it’s been business as usual here in the U.S. Since we are shielded in our little United States bubble we can speculate on the futures of this graph. Considering the discrepancies with the reporting of the virus itself, I would bet the numbers are far higher than what we’re seeing now. This is a virus that can spread through the air. You can breathe in particles of this virus and become infected. They found this on the cruise ships with positive patients. It was beginning to spread through the ventilation. Even going to the CDC website they still do not have all the information about this virus. Considering everything, I still think we are in the early adopter stage of this virus. Until the Coronavirus is completely understood, China is going to continue giving us the numbers they want us to see. I think we could be setting up for a massive spike in the numbers. The number of cases have leveled off the past couple of days, but the news about the topic has not. I am speculating that the numbers are underreported and the chaos in China doesn’t help that. I fear there is tons of cases that are not reported not only in China but everywhere surrounding it. They have roads blocked off, shortages may start, supply can’t move around like before. Right now they are saying it’s controllable, but we will see in the weeks to come if this proves to be a real problem. If this thing hits, it will hit big.

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I will write a follow up article on this subject for my Patrons.


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