Smart People Aren’t Talkative

I see this all the time. People who literally claim they are smarter than everyone else is. People who tout around their knowledge and want to make sure everyone else understands how smart they actually are. Here lies the problem. There’s a difference between people who are actually smart and people that think they are smart. I know tons of people who think they are smart and proceed to eat their own foot when they keep talking. Someone who knows they are smart does not care if other people think they are smart. A smart person could care less what anyone thinks because he knows that his positions are sound, for the most part. A smart person also knows that he doesn’t know everything. It would be rather naïve to believe that you know everything. However, I see many self-proclaimed “smart” people declare that they know everything better than everyone else. I rarely see a self-proclaimed “genius” admit that he doesn’t know things. But if you notice, the longer the “smart” person talks, the stupider they get. This is the unknown unknowns fallacy of the smart guy. Not knowing what you don’t know makes you look extremely stupid. A legit stupid person that understands what he doesn’t know is infinitely smarter than a “smart” person who can’t realize there’s things he doesn’t know! Being smart doesn’t mean you have to teach everyone about something. Being smart is constantly learning. Knowledge isn’t like a certificate you get after completing a college course. Being smart is an evolutionary process that never ends. Take a look at Joe Rogan’s podcast with his interview with Elon Musk. Elon is a person who is a legit genius. He isn’t much of a talker, but instead more of a question asker. All of his statements are kept short. He takes long pauses to think and then makes short concise statements or questions to follow up. I feel the smartest of people can make the best with the English language to make complex theories or topics easily understandable. It’s easy to spot an idiot when they start talking and talking forever and then start using elaborate words to explain themselves. Often times they will go on and on about something irrelevant and incorrect, it completely discredits any smart thing they may have said prior. Smart people are consistent and do not need elaborate English or words to prove to you that they are smart. This is why I think the smartest people around you are likely the quietest.

I will post an additional follow up article on this subject exclusive to my Patrons.

Source: (Rogan’s podcast with Elon Musk)

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