Socialist Boomers Debate Ep. 9

9th democratic debate

Talk about your textbook definition of boomer. Look at these candidates. Joe Biden looks lost. Literally lost. Like he doesn’t know where he is. He can’t talk correctly. He fumbles more words than I ever did on my 6th grade science presentation. Sad for a Vice President. Bernie Sanders is almost 100. Elizabeth Warren looks like an angry grandma yelling at her grandchildren. Sounds like it too. Bloomberg is 5’4. The only sane person on the stage is Pete boot edge edge. And he’s gay. A gay mayor from some town in Indiana is leading the Democratic Party. Won the most delegates and looks the most sane on the debate stage. My ears bleed every time Pocahontas speaks. I gotta say, this is hard to watch. I don’t see anyone up here that even has a message. How do these democrats plan to win a general election? This is pathetic. They are all shouting about who’s gonna raise the most taxes, who’s going to open the most borders and who’s going to give the most free shit. It’s almost incoherent shouting. There’s people actively laughing in the audience at the cringeworthy charade they’re all watching. Anyways, I can’t watch this anymore. I think Pete is the Democrats best bet, and he will still lose handily.

I’ll take Trump -100 to win the general.

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