Millennials and Tattoos

The millennials absolutely love tattoos; this generation has the highest percentage of people with at least one tattoo, being ~47%. What is this about? I remember tattoos being sort of a taboo instead of something you parade around as an accomplishment. It is true, nowadays; people can get good jobs even with outrageous tattoos covering their arms or whatever. Nevertheless, why is it that everyone wants a tattoo now? What has changed? Oh yeah, social media. Think about how many people may have seen your tattoos before your Instagram account or before you had snapchat. Not very many. Now you can get a tattoo and immediately have hundreds or thousands of people see it right away and even get all the positive feedback you want to hear. Social media forces you into a bubble you may not have even considered before. With the rapid increase in population, I believe millennials are finding it hard or even impossible to stand out from everyone else. Well, a tattoo solves that problem instantly. You get a unique tattoo somewhere on your body and now it defines you. Now the millennial is a true special snowflake because he or she has “art” painted on their skin. It makes you a part of the tattoo cult; you can then easily talk to other people with tattoos and join online groups about tattoos. The tattoos also make it easy to hide any insecurities, “don’t look at my body, look at my tats”. Do you see how this can snowball large baskets of millennials into the tattoo trap? It makes sense to me and it’s the only explanation I can come up with. I don’t think tattoos are necessarily a problem for millennials, but there are social aspects that do affect the group now, as opposed to in the past.

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