Modern Video Games Suck

Many millennials are gamers. It’s what we all grew up doing for the most part. We grew up in the golden age of gaming. The super Nintendo, the Playstation, Nintendo 64, Playstation 2, Xbox original and Xbox 360. It’s almost a certainty that every millennial had at least one of these devices growing up. Back before the internet, video games were filled with quality. They had to be, because they couldn’t alter the game post-release. Honestly, I think they underestimated how much money people were willing the shell out for a video game. Now these companies have had 20 years of practice of milking their customers of all their cash. They are businesses after all. Then we get the internet. Again, the internet changes everything. It seems that games today are focus around micro transactions and pay walls blocking content. It’s kind of sickening. Video games now are almost like an active role-playing advertisement. You get the game, sometimes free but still many games can cost upwards of 50 or 60 dollars, and you get to play. So the cash spending is over, right? No. Video games now are a subscription-based service. You will generally have pay monthly or quarterly to unlock the next “battle pass” or whatever “pass” they have so you can play the game properly or to play the game at all. Not only that, but they have monetized your virtual outfits in game. You now have the option to pay money to wear different clothes or have guns with different art on them. They utilize every marketing tactic imaginable and it works wonders. Now with the internet these companies can change the game on the fly. Add new stuff; tweak the game, put in additional options you can pay for. They can specifically target you and your playstyle to urge you to spend even one extra dollar on their product. Try playing a new online video game and not get bombarded with options to purchase additional stuff to improve your gaming experience. I can’t even enjoy modern video games because I can visibly see how targeted I am for every dollar I have. You can spend thousands of dollars on these video games and it doesn’t change the game one bit. Some games have even built in pseudo economies inside the game with transactions that they can tax! Imagine that. You are taxed to buy the game and then you are being taxed on transactions within the game itself. Genius, I suppose.

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