Socialist Boomer Projected To Win Nevada

Hard to imagine this is where we are at in the year 2020. Was Karl Marx right? Does Capitalism eventually lead to socialism? Is it inevitable? Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed literal socialist, is projected to handily win the Nevada caucus. Coming of two 2nd place finishes Iowa and New Hampshire, if he can get a strong win in Nevada this socialist is going to have legitimate momentum leading into South Carolina and Super Tuesday. Marx claimed that capitalist economies eventually and always will lead to socialism and it seems that he could be right, even for the almighty United States. Are Americans really going to get that complacent, lazy, and greedy enough to rob their fellow neighbor’s blind? The ride to socialism is fun until the money runs out, and that doesn’t take long. I’m not saying a socialist can yet win a general election, but if an 80 year old socialist can win the democratic nomination for president, saying one can win the presidency isn’t a far stretch. It’s a scary thought, considering the people voting for socialism don’t understand what happens when the tax rate is 80% or 70% or 90%. These kids that want free college don’t understand that it’s not going to be free. Nothing is free. They will be paying for their own college and everyone else’s college forever. How are you going to be able to use the knowledge you gained in college to get a good career and get ahead in life if you’re paying 80% tax rate so everyone else can go to college and get “free” healthcare (which is shit healthcare)…

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