Bernie Will Get Robbed, Again

The boomers have voted in South Carolina and they want Joe. Joe Biden. The man who cannot say a full sentence without misspeaking. The guy who is consistently confused about which state he’s in or what position he’s even campaigning for. I suppose he may be the only candidate that the boomers can truly relate to. My first source below has a great list of all of his awesome gaffs dating back many years. It’s an awesome watch. I’m not sure how he’s made it this far in politics, but I digress. 

After the voting concluded in South Carolina, we are left here:

This is a huge win for the failed former VP for Obama. He cleaned house. Put everyone to shame. Winning 72% (39 of 54) of the delegates in SC. Leaving him essentially tied with the millennial favorite: Bernie Sanders. Next up is the infamous “Super Tuesday”, meaning, a large amount of states will cast primary votes on this one day. It is the biggest voting day in the entire process. 1.357 delegates will be at stake at the ballot box tomorrow. Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar have both announced the suspensions of their campaigns as of today. Leaving us with essentially two candidates. Bernie and Joe. This will be the millennials versus the boomers. Young-gun millennial democrats want a bunch of free shit with Bernie Sanders and the more sane boomers will likely lean towards Joe Biden.

Tomorrow is going to be fun to watch. I am predicting Bernie Sanders to absolutely kill it in California. I think Joe Biden will start picking up delegates, possibly even surpassing Sanders. “Mini Mike” Bloomberg will likely pick up some delegates and force himself into the race banking on a brokered convention. Which is a legitimate strategy for him at this point. Looking at the projections, the candidate of “No one” is LEADING in the polls with a 65% chance. (Source below)

The only way Bernie can win the nomination is outright at the ballot boxes. If no one is able to accumulate over 50% of the delegates and the nomination is thrown into a brokered convention, where super delegates will be able to pledge over 700 delegates, Bernie Sanders stands no chance. In 2016, less than 20% of super delegates went to Bernie. In a brokered convention scenario, Bernie will be thrown aside like nothing. It will be chaos. In an event with such uncertainty, I believe delegates are going to side with ole reliable. Joe Biden. He was the Vice President for what is the democrat’s unicorn, Barack Obama. Joe will be able to convince delegates that he is the only option that can beat Trump. The voters who took part in the primary voting process will be forgotten and the almighty super delegates will proudly submit their delegates for the establishment candidate, just as they did in 2016. Bloomberg is counting on an anarchistic brokered convention where he will be able to use his wealth as a bargaining tool for delegates. He will go on to claim he’s the only one with the resources to mount a campaign to stop Trump. Which is probably an accurate argument, though he will soundly lose versus Trump. Elizabeth Warren (Pocahontas) will likely announce her campaign suspension after an epic loss tomorrow. Either way, in a brokered convention scenario, Bernie Sanders will be robbed from the nomination for the second time.

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Sources: (great Biden gaffs)

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