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Drafting the All-Stars

Where to begin… The All-Stars. The best of the best. The Saquon Barkley’s, the Michael Thomas’s, the Patrick Mahomes’s. The … More

Early List: 10 Draftable TE’s

The tight end position is notoriously difficult to find consistency. A unique roster spot that is extremely tough to fill … More

Corona Exhaustion

It’s been a wild ride as everything has been put on hold for the Coronavirus. I haven’t even been able, … More

Who Is Biden’s VP pick?

It is now almost a certainty, in my opinion, that Joe Biden will acquire enough delegates to become the democratic … More

Joe’s Super Tuesday

I must say. Joe looks good after yesterday’s voting. Sleepy, creepy Joe may have already delivered a punch to secure … More

College Education Dilution

The belief of obtaining a college bachelor degree to land a solid career is turning into a form of folk … More

CDC Warns, “This could be bad”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, advises, “…in general we are asking the American public to work … More

Dow Recovers, Coronavirus Lingers

Markets are recovering after a bloody beginning to the week. Suffering back-to-back 1,000-point drops on Monday and Tuesday respectively. The … More

Dow Continues To Slide

The selloff is continuing and the DOW is currently down roughly 300 points or about 1%. Yesterday, I posted an … More

Farewell Kobe

Millennials, Boomers, Gen X, and even the Zoomers join today to say farewell to a legend. Kobe Bryant was a … More

Dow Dives, Coronavirus Rises

Markets opened red with a 600-point drop at the bell. Continuing to fall to over 900 points as of the … More

High Tech Leads To Isolation

Have you noticed? I don’t have to talk to anyone anymore. Amazon prime and free shipping allows me to be … More

Cancelling Student Debt Is Wrong

Almost all of the Democratic presidential contenders have been pushing this idea of cancelling student debt. This latest drive of … More

Modern Video Games Suck

Many millennials are gamers. It’s what we all grew up doing for the most part. We grew up in the … More

Millennials and Tattoos

The millennials absolutely love tattoos; this generation has the highest percentage of people with at least one tattoo, being ~47%. … More

Socialist Boomers Debate Ep. 9

Talk about your textbook definition of boomer. Look at these candidates. Joe Biden looks lost. Literally lost. Like he doesn’t … More

Buy Shares of Coronavirus?

Is it time to buy? The Coronavirus (COVID-19) just topped 2,000 total deaths and has been the top story for … More

Smart People Aren’t Talkative

I see this all the time. People who literally claim they are smarter than everyone else is. People who tout … More

Boomers Hate Weed

Why did boomers brainwash us that weed is the most dangerous plant on the earth? Remember the D.A.R.E. Program? Where … More

Millennials And Expensive Cars

There seems to be a growing fad amongst my fellow millennials; buying expensive cars. I see it every day. 23 … More

Boomers Vote To Acquit Trump

Thank god this debacle has come to a close. Our trusty baby boomer politicians have finally come to the conclusion … More

Vaping Millennials

Baby boomers & Gen X’ers seem to be just fine with killing themselves the old fashioned way, smoking Marlboros. Millennials … More

Impeachment And Boomers

Boomers love getting impeached. They also love impeaching. Two out of the three total impeachments in our country’s history have … More

9/11 Changed The Millennial

September 11th changed everything, but I’m going to talk about the millennials since I have a first hand experience. Sitting … More

Left Wing Boomers

I don’t understand left wing boomers. I thought only millennials voted Democrat because they’re still too young to understand that … More

Boomer Advice Is Terrible

Baby boomers are terrible at giving life advice or any advising at all. The typical boomer raised their children (millennials) … More

Boomers Killed Marriage

Boomers love getting married. They love it so much, they do it three or four times! No longer is getting … More


I am a millennial born in late 1987. I remember 9/11, the Clinton impeachment, and served in Bush & Obama’s … More